The International Group for Social-Cultural and Economic Aspects of Cocoa and Enabling Policies

The formation of INCOSOCIO was proposed at the International Symposium on Cocoa Research (Lima, 2017) as a forum for researchers to share priorities, ideas and their ongoing work, results and publications promoting the welfare of farmers and cocoa growing communities. We are an independent and interdisciplinary group of scientists who seek to bridge the gap between research and the farmer, industry and policy through a collaborative approach.

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Final Announcement

Penn State Fine Flavor Cacao Visiting Scientist Program 2019-2020

The program will support visiting scientists from Latin America and the Caribbean to work with Penn State faculty and international collaborators for a six month period.

The program is accepting applications for economics research of the fine flavor cacao market and exchanges will take place within the September 2019 to May 2020 timeframe.

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