The International Group for Quality Along the Cocoa Value Chain

INCoQuality was founded at the International Symposium on Cocoa Research (Lima, 2017) as an independent forum to review, present and discuss research outputs, thoughts and ideas associated with all aspects of cocoa quality. We consider 'quality' to include not only the all-important aspects of flavour and purity, and physical characteristics that have a direct bearing on manufacturing performance but also aspects such as traceability, geographical indicators and certification to indicate the sustainability of the production methods.

Our intention is to invite researchers, farmers, exporters/buyers, manufacturers and others with an interest in cocoa quality, to join us in sharing knowledge and disseminating information on all aspects including food safety, and the standards and protocols that are being developed elsewhere within the sector. It will thus provide a route for anyone with an interest in cocoa quality to keep themselves up to date in this very current and rapidly evolving thematic area.

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Call for Quality Expert

The International Trade Centre is implementing a project on cocoa sector development in Sierra Leone and is looking for a cocoa quality control expert to support the set up a robust quality control system.

CVs need to be received by March 6th 2019 and should be sent to:
Audrey Gavard-Lonchey

Final Announcement

Penn State Fine Flavor Cacao Visiting Scientist Program 2019-2020

The program will support visiting scientists from Latin America and the Caribbean to work with Penn State faculty and international collaborators for a six month period.

The program is accepting applications for economics research of the fine flavor cacao market and exchanges will take place within the September 2019 to May 2020 timeframe.

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