Who We Are

To aid the exchange of knowledge and expertise on cacao pests and diseases, INCOPED was founded in 1995 during the first Cocoa pests and diseases seminar held in Accra Ghana. In 1996, at the second INCOPED seminar, following the 12th ICRC meeting in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil the operation of the group was formalized and Dr João Louis Pereira was elected as its first chairman.

The goal was for INCOPED to provide a platform for existing working groups (e.g. on Phytophthora and Capsids) and for sub-regional working groups in cacao producing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to enhance cooperation and facilitate information exchange.

During this meeting, the mission of INCOPED was formulated as follows:

  • To help the dissemination of technical and scientific information related to cacao pests and diseases;
  • to determine research priorities based on regional, national and international agendas;
  • to aid the investigation of common problems through the development of research protocols, techniques and methodologies.

Witches' Broom disease, Brazil

Witches' Broom disease, Brazil

Moreover, INCOPED would support the exchange of personnel at national and international level to facilitate knowledge transfer and help train research staff, as well as seek funding sources for prioritized research and development projects.

Now, given the increasing pressure on natural resources and concomitant changes such as loss of biodiversity, global climate change et cetera, as well as an increasing demand for cocoa, INCOPED more than ever, and in close cooperation with INGENIC and INAFORESTA, wants to focus on developing integrated pest and disease management strategies that will help the cacao sector to confront the challenges of the coming time. INCOPED should actually create and/or strengthen partnerships that will contribute to acquire the scientific knowledge and expertise necessary for such development, with an emphasis on cost effective, environmentally friendly, affordable and sustainable control methods.