The INCOCOA Groups

The INCOCOA groups are informal networks created to promote the exchange of ideas and information amongst cocoa scientists and others with an interest in diverse areas of cocoa science including agroforestry, pests and diseases, genetics and breeding, soil management, quality and knowledge transfer/socio-economics.

Please see the linked pages for further information on the activities and outputs of the individual INCOCOA groups, their secretariats and their supporting institutions and organisations:

INGENIC is the 'International Group for Genetic Improvement of Cocoa'.

INCOPED is the 'International Permanent Working Group for Cocoa Pests and Diseases'.

INCOSOM is the 'International Group on Cocoa and Soil Management'.

INCOQUALITY is the 'International Group for Quality Along the Cocoa Value Chain'.

INCOSOCIO is the 'International Group for Social-Cultural and Economic Aspects of Cocoa and Enabling Policies'.

Dedicated to the analysis and improvement of the relationships between people, cocoa, forests and the environment

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2nd EUCARPIA Workshop

Implementing Plant-Microbe Interactions in Plant Breeding

The workshop will be held in Tulln, Austria (close to Vienna) on 6th December 2019 and is linked to the miCROPe Symposium. There will be two sessions:

  • "Genetic determinants of plant-microbe interactions"
  • "Integration of plant-microbe interactions into breeding"

Keynote speeches will be given by Davide Bulgarelli (Dundee University, UK) and Martin de Vos (KeyGene, NL).

You can register via the miCROPe website:

Abstracts need to be received by August 31st 2019 and should be sent to:
Pierre Hohmann

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